Regional contribution & Environmental activities

Activities with educational institutions

Co-research program

For the purpose of development in technology, we have research activities with universities in academic-industrial cooperation project.

Co-research program Co-research program Co-research program

If you would like to start a co-research program with us in academic-industrial cooperation project, please contact to us by the following link.

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Activities with students


For the purpose of more understanding about our industrial and business for students, we have internship programs.
We implement internship in a period for from 1day to about 2weeks.
In the case of internship on the job, we would like to coordinate with university, conversely in the case of 1day program, we publish information of internship on job information sites and SNS.
If you have an interest in it, please entry.

Internship Internship

Environmental activities

From now on, the technical measures such as CO2 reduction and removing harmful substances are required of growth of companies.

technology related to environment is one of the most important in our themes about "monodzukuri".

In the problem of vehicle exhaust, we developed the extrusion dies for thin wall ceramic honycomb to be used as componet of exhaust emission control system, and it has gained high share in the market.
Among all of our products, "Chromium-free surface treatment agent" in 2004 is environmental friendly to confirm with RoHS (The European Parliament & the Council of the directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment),WEEE, and ELV.

Environmental activities

For the environmental activities on our business, for the reason of the nature of our business manufacturing operations is the subject of it, we have gave to receive ISO certifications about products' quality.

Environmental activities

On the other hand, as a global trend, through the companies environmental conservation activities, as a member of society to play a responsible, is becoming a condition that allows for sustainable growth.

We are promoting not only technology development also energy-saving activities.
We correspond to the Energy Conservation Law, as well as we'll continue to business activities with environmental friendly in the furture.

  • Please contact us when you are your consideration.
  • Please contact us when you are your consideration.
  • Please contact us when you are your consideration.