Quality & Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

We will be the pillar of management of the product quality and processing technology that willing to customers, alway to be able to correspond to customer's needs, foster the employees with a high capacity, cultivate a high accuracy of processing technology, and in order to increase customer satisfaction promote continuous improvement activities with the aim of nonconformity zeroing in all of our business and work.

Division Manager as the chief of product quality, are setting quality policy of the division consistent its management policy based on this quality policy, to implement the following with be familiar to all of our employees understand.

1) To provide product that is suitable for the customer's requirements, improve customer satisfaction.

2) To comply with the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

3) To set the quality objectives in order to meet the quality requirements to the individual level to improve.

4) To do the education and training necessary to work, to ensure the necessary competence.

5) To conduct management review, and to ensure that QMS will be appropriate and effective continuously.

Environmental Policy


To promote business activities, products and services in consideration of the impact on the environment, effort to continuous improvement and pollution prevention.


To work as a priority issue the following.
On the work of surface treatment, pressing, electric discharge, dies molding, operating machines and associated them, we effort to reduction of waste and strive to energy conservation.


To comply with environmental laws, regulations, regional agreements and the like.


To set environmental objectives and targets for the implementation of this policy, to regularly review.


To put forward the environmental policy to all of us by document, to run in all, to publish it too.

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