Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of personal information protection

We, HODEN SEIMITSU KAKO KENKYUSHO CO.,LTD. recognize sufficiently social responsibility for protection of treated all personal information in business in general sufficiently, and build a rational management plan to risk about personal information, and for maintenance to improve a control system, we'll set the personal information protection policy indicated below and all our company employees obey decrees and models of Japan applied about personal information.

2. Purpose of collect and use of personal information

When we'll collect and use of personal information, we'll do that only in the case it's needed on the job performance in the light of our business activity.
The purpose of collect and use of personal information is as follows.


  1. Applying of dealings between customers, business relation persons and us, Checking customers, business relation persons, Considering and judging of dealings, Fulfilling, Managing, Canceling, and Processing after cancellation.
  2. Informing customers of improvement of our products and services, and relational products and services, answering to questions.
  3. Questioning business relation persons about products and services provided by them.
  4. Grasping our stockholders and Promoting mutual understanding with them and us. For example, our stockholders use of rights based on corporate law, discharge obligations, or put into effect some policies for smooth communication with us, make data by the fixed standard based on all kinds' decree.
  5. Checking application and participation to an exhibition or a seminar, contacting to speakers of these, reporting results to who participated a research or cooperated in an event, checking visit and entrance confirmation of visitor to us.
  6. Contacting to members of organizations which we participate, informing information along their activity purpose by us.
  7. Communicating with members of some research institutes related our researching and development activities, for what following the above (1) on a joint contract or a contract research, participating in academic meetings, Recommending to prize from academic society, applying for patents and managing patent applications with joint application persons.
  8. Communicating with reporters and analysts on our publicity activities.
  9. Receiving adoption applications, Contacting to who's applying, and notifying adoption or rejection.
  10. Communicating with lawyers, CPAs, licensed social insurance consultants, industrial physicians, patent attorneys involved on the need of our business activities.
  11. Communicating with subsidiary companies and affiliated companies on the job performance of other than above.
  12. Informing our retirees, contacting to family of our staffs.
  13. Offering cooperation, non-regular, part-time staffs mutually information needed for contracting, or job performance.
  14. Accomplishing job about personal informations sponsored for trustee business performed in the reach of our business purpose.


Further, when we'll get and use personal informations for the purpose of other than above, we'll notify or publish by the case by case.

3. Management of personal information

We prepare need and appropriate measures for personal information protection, and we effort to keeping personal informations we own in the latest content in the reach necessary achievement of the use purpose.

4. Providing to third persons of personal information

We won't provide to third persons of personal informations we own without consent of those persons, but the following cases will be made exceptions.


  • When we've got the consent of the personal information's owner.
  • When we use on the basis of the law, the regulation and the government ordinance and so on regulation.
  • When it's difficult to need and get consent for protection of the life, a body and goods.
  • When we cooperate in the national institution's or local public organization's or person who entrusted with them executing office work of decree.
  • When there is need in particular for promotion of improvement of public health and child's healthy development, and it's difficult to get consent of personal information owners.
  • When we elucidate personal informations in the state which can't specify an individual(ex. Statistics).

5. Procedure of elucidation of personal information, correction and elimination

Based on the law of personal information protection, when we've received the request to elucidate of the personal information his own, correct, or eliminate, we correspond appropriately by fixed procedure in rational period and reach after we check the claimant is the personal information's owner or the proper agent.
When you want to request to us about your personal information, please contact to us by the methods indicated on "6.Inquiry about personal information".
But we can't accept your demands in the following cases, please be understanding.


  • When we can't check the claimant is the personal information's owner or the proper agent.
  • When the request isn't relevant to personal information we own.
  • When it's to elucidate personal information we own, and there is a fear that a remarkable trouble is exerted on proper implementation of business.
  • When it's against a decree to elucidate the personal information we own.
  • When we receive the request to eliminate the personal information we own, or stop using it, but we don't find violation on the procedure about it (using beside the use purpose, collecting, or providing to the third person by the reason besides the specified reasons)
  • When there is a request for elucidation, correction and elimination by all except for Japanese.

6. Inquiry about personal information

When you would like to inquire personal information of us, please make a call to us by the following phone number.
(Reception time: 9:00~17:00 Sat. Sun. and holidays are closed.)

HODEN SEMITSU KAKO KENKYUSHO CO.,LTD. Management Section, PIC of personal information management.
Innotech Building 11F, 3-17-6 Shinyokohama, Kohoku-ku,Yokohama-Shi, Kanagawa, 222-8580,Japan


Phone: +81-045-277-0330

7. Treatment of personal information on our Website

About the treatment of personal information on the On-line on our Website, we are working in the following policies.


  1. COOKIE is a small text file what is sent to your PC's storage from website to hold the record.
  2. If you use COOKIE, you'll be able to make your Web-brawsing more useful by remembering your taste of specify website.
  3. Using COOKIE is De facto standard, and many websites use it to provide useful information for their customers.
  4. Website owners can specify users' PC by using COOKIE, but can't specify an individual person in website users.

*In the following cases, we sometimes use COOKIE on our Website.


  1. When we would like to provide the customized service, we use COOKIE to make customers to use our Website conveniently.
  2. We provide the COOKIE when users access to customized pages for them or sign-in on our Website.
  3. We sometimes use COOKIE to count the number of users on our Website.
  4. We sometimes use COOKIE to put advertisement in our Website.

②Publishment of personal information

When you'll put your own personal information in public by yourself, it'll be able to be collected and used by others. Please remember it and be careful.
When you'll put your e-mail address in public, someone will send unnecessary messages to you.
Please put your informations in public under your responsibility.
And other websites, web-services, companies have their own privacy policies and regulations of collecting data.
We have no responsibility and no obligations about their policies and activities.

May 2018