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Prohibited matter

The following acts or fear of acts that fall into this category we have been prohibited.


  • For the entire contents or a part of this web site, HODEN SEMITSU KAKO KENKYUSHO CO.,LTD. (hereinafter: we) to replicate without permission, modify, edit, upload, presentation, transmission, screenings, distribute, sell, reverse engineer, reverse assemble, reverse compile other act of a similar act in this
  • The acts of giving a disadvantage or damage to a third party or us
  • The acts to damage a third party or our honor or credit
    The acts of uploading the software or program including a computer virus, etc.
    The acts contrary to public order and morals
    The acts that lead to criminal behavior or criminal acts
    The acts that is against the law, laws and regulations
    Any other activities that we deems inappropriate


  • At the time of posting the information on this web site, we pay close attention.
    However, whether the contents of these information is accurate, whether it is useful, whether it shall be feasible, whether those suits the purpose of everyone to be used, be safe whether there is (that the error does not occur, such as that there is no computer viruses or other harmful substances) concerning such, we do not guarantee.
    It also does not assume any responsibility for any damage caused by it has become to your use of this web site.
  • We may change the information on this web site without prior notice.
    In addition, we may suspend or stops the operation of this web site, please note.
    It should be noted that we do not also bear the responsibility for any damages caused by the interruption or discontinuation of the operation of how the information of the change and this web site, regardless of the reason.
  • IR information of shareholders and investors of this web site, we have an object of the present invention to provide such financial information and management information of us and our group companies, nor does it make any representations and warranties about the contents.

About Link

Home page of this Web site is set up and the link destination that has received the setting, not under our control, we will not assume responsibility for the home page.
Therefore, their content, advertising, products, (whether it is direct it is indirectly) to service all of the damage caused due to or associated with, such as there is no responsibility to compensate for.

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