Direct drive digital servo press "ZENFormer" that was carried out to develop the concept of "high-precision machine tools comparable", as well as to achieve complete parallel control in its own new technology, achieved an overwhelming high-precision machining of the nano-level Did.

"Ichimura Work Award", "The new Machinery Promotion Award", "Monodzukuri Nihon Award" and "MF technology Award" has received as many awards.

"ZENFormer" series, also supports custom design to meet your needs.

In addition, we have also to a wide range of correspondence to the request of the maintenance and custom.

Product Lineup






Double slide (double acting)

Nominal force (inner + outer) ~9800kN

MPS8300DS MPS8600DS MPS81000DS
Nominal force (kN) Inner 1960
Outer 980
Inner 3920
Outer 1960
Inner 4900
Outer 4900
Stroke (mm) 150 200 400
Open height (mm) 850 900 1000
Bolster Dimensions (mm) 1200 x 600 1800 x 1200 2600 x 1400
Slide dimensions (mm) Inner φ240
Outer 1200 x 600
Inner 360 x 220
Outer 1800 x 1200
Inner φ300+φ100x2
Outer 2400 x 1200






nominal force ~4900kN

MPS4100 MPS4200 MPS4500
Nominal force (kN) 980 1960 4900
Stroke (mm) 300 300 250
Open Height (mm) 800 950 1100
Bolster Dimensions (mm) 1200 x 800 1500 x 900 2500 x 1100
Slide dimensions (mm) 1200 x 800 1500 x 900 2500 x 1000

ZENFormer nano





Maximum nominal force kN(ton) 49(5) 98(10) 196(20) 294(30)
Maximum slide speed mm/sec 200 200 200 200
Maximum Stroke mm 150 150 150 150
Shut height mm 150 200 200 250
Bolster effective dimension mm 250(W) x 250(D) 300(W) x 300(D) 500(W) x 500(D) 500(W) x 500(D)
Machine body size mm 610(W)x460(D)x1500(H) 810(W)x550(D)x1750(H) 1210(W)x930(D)x1750(H) 1260(W)x970(D)x1850(H)
Machine body mass kg 450 950 2500 3500
Power 3-phase AC 200/220V±10% 50/60Hz
Power capacity kVA 10 15 18 40
Control panel dimensions mm 600(W)x350(D)x1000(H) 800(W)x650(D)x1000(H) 1000(W)x600(D)x1550(H) 1000(W)x600(D)x1550(H)
Control panel mass kg 100 200 500 800

Other common specifications
Drive system Ball screw drive by AC servo motors
Maximum capacity generation position It can be generated at any position in the stroke
Slide control method Slide parallel control by the servo motor
Operation and screen display Stand type operation panel, color LCD touch panel
Motion Settings Stroke position, speed, time
Stroke position setting unit 0.001 mm unit

System in the machinery business

  1. We can consistently processing to delivery from the purchase of material.
  2. Available upon contract processing also happily in semi-finished products and prototypes.
  3. Equipment sales in conjunction to the processing content and corresponding to meet the customer's needs is possible.

Strength in the machinery business

  1. We developed the servo press machine of high precision and high efficiency of the world's highest level.
  2. We proposed the new method development and man-hour reduction plan due to the high precision servo press.
  3. Not only sale of press machine, can be manufactured prototypes and mass.

Introduction of Technology

ZENFormer:Achieve the overwhelming high precision ingenious new technology

Direct drive digital servo press "ZENFormer" realized the high-precision slide parallelism with fully using of the control technology we developed originally.

In addition it can generate the maximum capacity in pressure stroke the entire, and because processing speed can be varied at will, it make enable the complex high-precision processing in a wide range.

Direct-acting servo press ZENFormer

◇4-axis independent control / Feed forward control

  • By each the installed linear scale to the four corners of the slide, the position of the four corners of the slide is measured constantly nanometer level always monitored.
  • On the basis of the measured value, in the feed-forward control, the optimal command value, the instruction for each drive shaft, dynamic moment of eccentric load occurs, and achieve a high degree of parallelism in the entire area up to the bottom dead center.
  • Under the parallel control, etc. to maintain a long-term continuous pressure state at a maximum pressure state, arbitrarily can be set for any motion.

◇Realization of the full parallel control

  • Direct acting by ball screw drive 4 axial pressure structure
  • Suppressing the inclination under eccentric load, enabling high-precision stamping.
    (ex.) In step processing, etc., even if the shaping load varies,  it is possible to work with minimal equipment load.

◇ZENFormer Specification example

◇Adoption of the ball screw linear equation

  • Achieve a dynamic accuracy equal to the machine tool.
  • Setting the stroke length can be set freely.
  • It is capable of generating the maximum capacity in the entire stroke.
  • It is available parallelism maintenance of micron accuracy in during stroke and the bottom dead center.


◇Realization of the Double slide servo press

  • By the vertical slide the two-stage structure, capable of vertical direction of the process layout (shortening the process).
  • Improve accuracy by one-shot molding and realize the type cost reduction due to downsizing of the mold.
  • It can correspond to high-mix, low-volume production.

◇ZENFormer Double slide Specification example