In the press parts processing business, we accept commissioned work by taking advantage of ZENFormer, the direct-acting servo press.

High-precision parallel pressure and bottom dead center precision of micron unit, etc., taking advantage of the dynamic accuracy of the world's highest level, we have achieved the mass production of the product accuracy unprecedented.

System in the machinery business

  1. We can consistently processing to delivery from the purchase of material.
  2. Available upon contract processing also happily in semi-finished products and prototypes.
  3. Equipment sales in conjunction to the processing content and corresponding to meet the customer's needs is possible.

Strength in the machinery business

  1. We developed the servo press machine of high precision and high efficiency of the world's highest level.
  2. We proposed the new method development and man-hour reduction plan due to the high precision servo press.
  3. Not only sale of press machine, can be manufactured prototypes and mass.

Introduction of the cases

Product Automotive battery current detection sensor

Material Oriented electromaginetical steel sheet

Approximate size 43×25mm

Equipment Model Direct-acting servo press - ZENFormer MPS4100 (100t)

Feature Laminate of oriented electromagnetical steel sheets to be orthogonal in the rolling direction for each one.

Product Angle sensor for vehicle electronic throttle valve, accelerator pedal, exhaust gas recirculation valve, etc.

Material Electromaginetical steel sheet, SUS304

Approximate size Φ13mm

Equipment Model Composite processing system - Divo

Feature Hollow three-dimensional stacked that made by progressive alternating magnetic metal and non-magnetic metal of different shape.

Product Decelerator for automotive variable intake system

Material SWCH10

Approximate size Φ69

Equipment Model Direct-acting servo press - ZENFormer MPS4400 (400t)

Feature Two-stage cycloid gear molding by cold forging one step

Product Tape feeder sprocket for semiconductor chip mounter

Material SPCC

Approximate size Φ40mm

Equipment Model Direct-acting servo press - ZENFormer MPS8300DS (Double acting 300t)

Feature It achieved the concentricity 10μm smaller of the tooth bottom, by pulling simultaneously up and down.

Product Sealing lid for silicon wafer cutting machine

Material SPCC

Approximate size Φ20

Equipment Model Direct-acting servo press - ZENFormer MPS4200 (200t)

Feature Molding of caldera type by progressive plate forging.